Where Should You Place the Wi-Fi Router for Best Performance

Can you imagine how the world could be without the internet? We rely on networks to do almost everything from shopping, sending messages, working, and even operating our appliances. However, the internet world is evolving quicker than any other industry. Previously we were used to connecting our gadget to modem and cable network cables to connect them to the internet. However, this technology is now becoming absolute, and the world is becoming a wireless world. It is not easy to see devices such as computers at work or at home connected to those annoying cable to connect them to the internet. These days people are accustomed to using Wi-Fi to access wireless internet. All you need is a high-quality Wi-Fi router that will broadcast wireless internet to your entire office or home.

However, for you to get a better connection you need to get one of the best Wi-Fi routers and place it at a strategic location. Here are some tips on choosing a location to place the Wi-Fi Router for best performance.

1. Central location

Choosing a central location is a brilliant idea since it will facilitate a good distribution of network connection on your entire premises be it home or place of work. Do not be limited by the location of your personal computer, if your network connection is limited to one location, it will limit you from accessing the internet from other areas of your premises. This denies you the luxury you are supposed to enjoy from a wireless connection. If you have two floors, consider placing your router in the second floor since radio waves tend to move outwards and downwards not upwards.

2. Avoid physical barriers

Although radio waves can penetrate through many objects such as walls, the obstacles reduces the strength of the signal thus resulting in slow connection on the other side. In fact, if your house wall is made of concrete or bricks, the materials can significantly interfere with your connection by absorbing the signal. This also applies to water; a huge fish tank will also absorb Wi-Fi signal thus slowing your internet connection to a large extent. The other materials to avoid are mirrors and metals since the reflect the signal thus preventing it from reaching some areas of your premises. Therefore, placing your router behind your desktop monitor, TV or near the bathroom is not a good idea.

3. Avoid the kitchen

Appliances in the kitchen such as the microwaves are not your router’s best friends. Wi-Fi routers and microwaves use the same electromagnetic spectrum thus placing your router near a microwave will cause signal interference when using the microwave. Besides, most kitchen appliances such as an oven, fridge, deep freezer, and stove just to mention a few are made of metal which will interfere with signal movement.

4. Work with antenna

The antenna plays a significant role in managing the signal movement of the router. The antenna is responsible for receiving and broadcasting the signal. Normally, the antenna swings all around on its socket or move side to side.Therefore, the positioning of the antenna will highly affect the movement of the signal.If you want to broadcast the signal horizontally then you should consider positioning your antenna vertically whereas if you want to spread the signals in between floors you should position the antenna horizontally.

You can also consider getting a detachable antenna that will help you to broadcast internet signal at a longer distance.

5. Avoid crowded places

Water inhibits Wi-Fi signals and since human body comprise of more than 65% it can also interfere with the router’s signal. You may have noticed that many crowded places usually experience slow connection. Therefore, placing a router in crowded places in your house will lead to the slow connection in other parts. You should also consider placing the router high enough, probably attach it to the ceiling so that the signal can spread far enough before coming across an object interfering with it.

Where as there are so many companies out there claiming to offer the best Wi-Fi routers most of the routers on the market today are of low quality thus are not worth your money.Here are some factors you should consider when buying a Wi-Fi router.

6. Router with an Antenna

A router with an antenna is usually highly recommended since it extends signal range thus allowing you to access connection even from the furthest corners of your house. Most routers have an internal antenna, but such an antennas do not contribute enough in boosting signal range. It is therefore highly advisable that you get a detachable antenna for better router performance.

7. Duo-band

Since the router operates on 2.4Ghz same as most gadgets in your home such as cordless phone, Bluetooth, and microwaves, your connection will always be interfered with by these gadgets. To prevent signal interruptions, you should consider getting a dual-band router which will operate under a higher electromagnetic spectrum of up to 5Ghz.

8. The speed of the router

When it comes to an internet connection, speed is a major concern. You do not want to wait forever for Netflix to complete buffering so that you can watch your favorite show.You should get a router that has a speed that can serve you efficiently. Most of the routers have speed varying from 300 Mbps, 900 Mbps to 1900 Mbps. However, these speeds are assumed to operate under ideal condition; thus you should assume that they will offer half speed under normal conditions.

9. Check for USB port

Other than an internet connection, routers can also be used to share resources among various devices. Therefore, you should get a router that has a USB port where you can attach a flash drive or a hard disk so as to share content over a wireless network. Some routers even support USB dongle thus you should keenly check routers specifications whether it supports USB dongle since not all routers have this option.

If you are still in the olden days of cable connection is the high time you advance and get yourself a Wi-Fi router. A router does not facilitate convenient internet connection but also allows you to share resources among several gadgets. You should also ensure that you have carefully chosen an excellent location to place the Wi-Fi Router for Best Performance.

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