What Type of Chainsaw Is Right For Your Needs?

Thinking of buying a chainsaw but not sure which one of it you should get? Maybe this useful article can help you to choose the right one for your needs. 

What Type of Chainsaw Is Right For Your Needs?

Having a chainsaw is great as it can help you get things done fast. However, do you agree that we probably don’t use best battery powered chainsaw as much as other powered equipment? 

Maybe more than a couple of times a month, I guess, right? 

I know it might take you a while to think whether you need a chainsaw, but now if you finally decide to buy one, I can help you with that.

In this article, we will look into three main types of chainsaws and see what type suits you best.

Choosing a gas-powered chainsaw

If you are looking for some real tools that can handle heavy-duty jobs, a gas-powered chainsaw is the ideal option.

Among other kinds of chainsaws on the market, this gas type is widely used by professional lumberjacks working in the forest, whose targets are big trees with a diameter of more than 9 inches or more.

Without any doubt, a gas-engine saw is the fastest,  and most powerful compared to other types. Besides, they seem to last longer when it comes to durability.

Trust me! These guys can serve  more than two or three years without any problems. So if you plan to chop down big trees for a long time, they are the ones for you.

What I dislike 

Although a gas-powered chainsaw is probably the most powerful saw you can have, but all of that comes to one major downside. It’s the noise.

Believe me or not, these guys are super loud when they are doing the job.

Because of its use for cutting down big trees in the forest, these gas-powered chain saws have a strong engine that makes it louder than any other types. So I recommend that you would need to wear hearing protection.

This is why I will not recommend you to use it around your home for daily tasks unless you want to get complaints from your neighbors. Besides, keeping these gas-powered saw in a good condition is also a problem if you are not good at maintenance.

Choosing a corded electric chainsaw

The second type is  corded electric. Going with these tools means you don’t have to put up with super loud noises from the machine. That sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Unlike the gas type, the electric-powered chainsaw is more suitable for light tasks such as clearing fallen tree branches, or just simply keeping your backyard  nice and organized.

So if you have a big garden with lots of trees like me, this might be a good solution for you. Besides, your neighbor will probably appreciate you using it rather than the gas-powered saw.

Another thing that makes this machine scores is its lightweight. They are a lot lighter in weight as there is no onboard gas engine. I really like this because it does not give me the arms fatigue like when holding a gas-operated one.

Don’t believe it? Try to lift and hold a gas saw for a few minutes. You will see it!

On the other hand, this lightweight feature will come in handy when you have to use it for several hours. More importantly, it allows you to lean forward over the fence easily while trying to reach the tree branches.

What I dislike 

Surely you can hold and carry a corded electric chainsaw around easily, but don’t forget you still need to stay close to an electric source. This is also the biggest drawback of it.

Unlike the gas saws which you can bring it anywhere, this model lacks convenience and mobility as it requires electricity to operate..

In my case, the most ideal place for me to use this tool is around my backyard, or somewhere not farther than 100 feet from the socket. I know an extension can  solve this problem, but do you like the idea of bringing a bunch of cords around the worksite?

Choosing a battery-powered chainsaw (a cordless chainsaw)

The last type we have is a battery-powered chainsaw. These guys are becoming popular among homeowners. You might have heard its advertisement several times before on television too. I can even see people selling the best battery-powered chainsaw on the internet every day.

Now correct me if I am wrong.

Anyone has already used the two other types will notice that this battery saw one is partially a mix of both types.

Battery-powered chainsaws inherit the portability of gas saw and the lightweight of cord-electricity saw. They are compact and easy to carry around without much effort.

Besides, they can go as quiet as electric-powered saw while zipping through the wood. But more importantly, you don’t need to stay close to any power source as these tools use its advanced battery technology called Lithium-Ion.

A battery-powered chainsaw is suitable for those who perform small everyday tasks. They are quite similar to electric saws, however, their cordless feature makes them more appealing to me.

Last but not least, for those who are not good at maintaining stuffs like me, these battery-powered chainsaws are perfect because you have to do almost  nothing to keep it in good condition.

But wait!

One simple rule of thumb, always remove the battery when you don’t use it for a long time. This doesn’t seem too hard for you right?

What I dislike 

Although these cordless saws might give you more portability because you don’t need to stay close to a socket, it does not mean that you won’t need an electric source at all.

You might have guessed what the problem is already, right?

These battery powering the saw still needs to recharge, unfortunately. Their durability will depend on the model of the saw, the battery itself, and how much do you make use of it.

So these cordless saws have a limited amount of work because they rely on the battery’s runtime. The higher the runtime, the longer your saw can perform the work under one single charge.

However, I do not this issue  much of a big deal because I don’t usually use the saw for more than a couple of hours in my backyard. Plus, you can also have an extra battery pack.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this model is that you cannot use it to cut big trees. For trees with a diameter of more than 8 or 9 inches, the saw blade will have to stress more on those hardwoods to zip through the body, which can cause damage in the long term.


So this is all you need to know before making a decision. In a nutshell, if you plan to work on some heavy jobs like dealing with big trees, a gas-powered chainsaw is the only choice.

For those homeowners who plan to do some small tasks such as cutting or trimming trees, electric-powered and battery chainsaws are the best. However, a battery-powered chainsaw will give you more portability and flexibility.

Now if you think this article is useful, please share it with your friends. Who knows they may also think of buying one.

Justin Taylor

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