Tips For Keeping Ice Cold Longer

If you are planning to go on a trip, you should use these tips to prevent your ice from melting very fast. You will be able to keep your drinks cool, preserve your food, and avoid the extra cost of buying ice on your next trip.

Here 5 precious tips for keeping your ice cold longer.

1. Use Large Homemade Ice Blocks

The size, strength, and quality of your ice blocks will determine how long they will last. You can control the quality of your ice by making them yourself. Use some empty milk cartons or freeze water with quart-sized zip-lock bags. Larger ice blocks always take a longer time to melt. Instead of using tap water directly, you should use slightly cooled boiled water. Boiled water will reduce the amount of air bubbles in the ice. Thus, the water molecules will be closely packed together and the ice will take a longer time to melt.

2. Choose the Right Type of Cooler

Choose a cooler that will keep your ice cold for the entire duration of your trip. Features such as size, external color, hinges, thermal insulation, and cooling duration will determine how long your ice will last. For instance, if you are going on a family camping trip for 5-days, a Coleman 6201A748 100 Quart will keep your drinks cool for up to one week without the need to add more ice. It also has the capacity to hold up to 6 crates of drinks for a family of six people; so you will never run out drinks.

3. Pre-Chill The Cooler and Your Food and Drinks

Bring out your cooler from storage early, clean it, and put in a bag of ice for about 12 to 24 hours before use.

Also, pre-chill some of the food and drinks you want to place in the cooler. This will automatically extend the lifespan of your ice. However, you should not freeze canned drinks or plastic bottles containing carbonated drinks because they could burst. Fruit juice and water may be frozen while soda should be kept in the refrigerator. Additionally, you may freeze meat and other food items before putting them in your cooler.

4. Arrange Your Food and Drinks Systematically

Line the internal surface of your cooler and the lid with aluminum bubble wrap. This will provide insulation to keep the heat out of your cooler. Arrange the items in the cooler so that the ones you will take last will be at the bottom while those that will be consumed first will be at the top. You will able to pick what you need quickly and prevent hot air from getting into the cooler. Finally, place your ice blocks on top of the items and pack the cooler tight and as full as you can.

5. Shield Your Cooler from Heat

You should keep your cooler away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Wrap a wet towel around it to shield it from atmospheric heat. To reduce the rate at which the ice melts, use a cooler with a light-colored exterior surface. A very good example of this type of cooler is the Igloo Glide Pro Cooler which has a pure white surface. The ultratherm technology used to insulate the body keeps food and drinks frozen for at least 5 days. It also has UV protection that prevents it from getting damaged in the sun.


These tips for keeping ice cold longer will help you enjoy cool drinks and food during your next camping trip. By arranging your items properly in the right type of cooler, using large homemade ice blocks, you can prolong the life of your ice.

Justin Taylor

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