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What Type of Chainsaw Is Right For Your Needs?

Thinking of buying a chainsaw but not sure which one of it you should get? Maybe this useful article can help you to choose the right one for your needs. 

What Type of Chainsaw Is Right For Your Needs?

Having a chainsaw is great as it can help you get things done fast. However, do you agree that we probably don’t use best battery powered chainsaw as much as other powered equipment? 

Maybe more than a couple of times a month, I guess, right? 

I know it might take you a while to think whether you need a chainsaw, but now if you finally decide to buy one, I can help you with that.

In this article, we will look into three main types of chainsaws and see what type suits you best.

Choosing a gas-powered chainsaw

If you are looking for some real tools that can handle heavy-duty jobs, a gas-powered chainsaw is the ideal option.

Among other kinds of chainsaws on the market, this gas type is widely used by professional lumberjacks working in the forest, whose targets are big trees with a diameter of more than 9 inches or more.

Without any doubt, a gas-engine saw is the fastest,  and most powerful compared to other types. Besides, they seem to last longer when it comes to durability.

Trust me! These guys can serve  more than two or three years without any problems. So if you plan to chop down big trees for a long time, they are the ones for you.

What I dislike 

Although a gas-powered chainsaw is probably the most powerful saw you can have, but all of that comes to one major downside. It’s the noise.

Believe me or not, these guys are super loud when they are doing the job.

Because of its use for cutting down big trees in the forest, these gas-powered chain saws have a strong engine that makes it louder than any other types. So I recommend that you would need to wear hearing protection.

This is why I will not recommend you to use it around your home for daily tasks unless you want to get complaints from your neighbors. Besides, keeping these gas-powered saw in a good condition is also a problem if you are not good at maintenance.

Choosing a corded electric chainsaw

The second type is  corded electric. Going with these tools means you don’t have to put up with super loud noises from the machine. That sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Unlike the gas type, the electric-powered chainsaw is more suitable for light tasks such as clearing fallen tree branches, or just simply keeping your backyard  nice and organized.

So if you have a big garden with lots of trees like me, this might be a good solution for you. Besides, your neighbor will probably appreciate you using it rather than the gas-powered saw.

Another thing that makes this machine scores is its lightweight. They are a lot lighter in weight as there is no onboard gas engine. I really like this because it does not give me the arms fatigue like when holding a gas-operated one.

Don’t believe it? Try to lift and hold a gas saw for a few minutes. You will see it!

On the other hand, this lightweight feature will come in handy when you have to use it for several hours. More importantly, it allows you to lean forward over the fence easily while trying to reach the tree branches.

What I dislike 

Surely you can hold and carry a corded electric chainsaw around easily, but don’t forget you still need to stay close to an electric source. This is also the biggest drawback of it.

Unlike the gas saws which you can bring it anywhere, this model lacks convenience and mobility as it requires electricity to operate..

In my case, the most ideal place for me to use this tool is around my backyard, or somewhere not farther than 100 feet from the socket. I know an extension can  solve this problem, but do you like the idea of bringing a bunch of cords around the worksite?

Choosing a battery-powered chainsaw (a cordless chainsaw)

The last type we have is a battery-powered chainsaw. These guys are becoming popular among homeowners. You might have heard its advertisement several times before on television too. I can even see people selling the best battery-powered chainsaw on the internet every day.

Now correct me if I am wrong.

Anyone has already used the two other types will notice that this battery saw one is partially a mix of both types.

Battery-powered chainsaws inherit the portability of gas saw and the lightweight of cord-electricity saw. They are compact and easy to carry around without much effort.

Besides, they can go as quiet as electric-powered saw while zipping through the wood. But more importantly, you don’t need to stay close to any power source as these tools use its advanced battery technology called Lithium-Ion.

A battery-powered chainsaw is suitable for those who perform small everyday tasks. They are quite similar to electric saws, however, their cordless feature makes them more appealing to me.

Last but not least, for those who are not good at maintaining stuffs like me, these battery-powered chainsaws are perfect because you have to do almost  nothing to keep it in good condition.

But wait!

One simple rule of thumb, always remove the battery when you don’t use it for a long time. This doesn’t seem too hard for you right?

What I dislike 

Although these cordless saws might give you more portability because you don’t need to stay close to a socket, it does not mean that you won’t need an electric source at all.

You might have guessed what the problem is already, right?

These battery powering the saw still needs to recharge, unfortunately. Their durability will depend on the model of the saw, the battery itself, and how much do you make use of it.

So these cordless saws have a limited amount of work because they rely on the battery’s runtime. The higher the runtime, the longer your saw can perform the work under one single charge.

However, I do not this issue  much of a big deal because I don’t usually use the saw for more than a couple of hours in my backyard. Plus, you can also have an extra battery pack.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this model is that you cannot use it to cut big trees. For trees with a diameter of more than 8 or 9 inches, the saw blade will have to stress more on those hardwoods to zip through the body, which can cause damage in the long term.


So this is all you need to know before making a decision. In a nutshell, if you plan to work on some heavy jobs like dealing with big trees, a gas-powered chainsaw is the only choice.

For those homeowners who plan to do some small tasks such as cutting or trimming trees, electric-powered and battery chainsaws are the best. However, a battery-powered chainsaw will give you more portability and flexibility.

Now if you think this article is useful, please share it with your friends. Who knows they may also think of buying one.

All You Need To Know About How Radar Detector Works

A lot of people use radar detectors pretty much on a daily basis, but probably not even half of them know how that device works. 

Please do note that this article merely aims to provide a full explanation while limiting the use of overly complicated terminologies. It is not intended to justify the use of a radar detector.

However, if you are only interested in knowing all the science-related things going on behind the curtain, you are in the right place, my friends. Read more important articles here

What’s going on behind the curtain

How does radar work? 

To understand how a radar detector, well, detects a radar, we need to understand what radars do and how they work firstly. 

A radar can determine the speed of which an object is moving by measuring how long it takes a wave to come back. Wait. What?

Alright, here is how it works.

A radar sends out radio waves, and these waves would hit a moving object and return to the radar. The radar will then calculate the distance between the car and the radar by how long it takes the returned wave to get back to the radar. 

So, how does it measure speed then?

To understand how radar measures the speed of a moving object, we should now talk about the Doppler Shift phenomenon. The phenomenon describes that sound has different waves ( basically called sound waves).

Doppler shift

So, if two objects are standing still, you will hear the sound emitted from that object in a normal rhythm, which is the same frequency. 

However, if the sound-emitting object is moving toward you, you will hear the sound in a more successive manner. The reason is that each sound wave now takes less than to reach you since the sound emitting object is moving toward you. 

The same goes for radio waves sent out from a radar. When both the object and the radar are stationary, the returned radio waves would have the same frequency with the sent out radio waves. 

If the object moves, the returned radio waves would now have a different frequency to the sent out waves. Have I lost you again? In case I have, here is what different frequency means. 

Imagine touching a perfectly still lake. A ring will form and sent out on the surface of the water, and another ring will follow right after. 

These rings are sent out at a constant speed. So, if the first ring takes 5 seconds to touch a nearby rock, then it should be the same for the second ring. 

Now, there is a leaf on that very lake. But as you know, a leaf is extremely light, and even a wave of water can push it. So, the first ring reaches the leaf in 5 seconds and pushes the leaf forward. As the leaf is moving away from, the second ring takes 5.5 seconds to reach the leaf. 

We now know the leaf is moving away because we are standing still, but the second wave now takes longer to reach the leaf. The opposite occurs if the ring is moving toward you. 

Radio waves work the same way

A radar pretty much works the same way to you touching a spot on the lake and sending out those rings. The difference is that a radar is designed to measure and tell exactly how fast each wave frequency travels. That is something the human senses cannot pick up. 

In short, a radar can tell how fast your car is moving depending on how long it takes the returned waves to reach the radar. Your cars moving forward or toward the radar would not affect the measurement because the radar can tell from the changing in frequency as explained above. 

How does a radar detector work?

A radar detector can pick up the radio waves from the radar. But a radar might not be the only thing that is emitting radio waves. So, how does a detector tell?

Most radar shoots out a variety of radio waves under different frequencies, but they usually only track one moving target. Those radars used by the police will specifically track only car. 

The most traditional and simplest radar detectors can tell the differences and alert you about it. The detection range depends on each detector build.

Nowadays, high-end radar detectors do not only detect radio waves from a radar, but also send out radio waves that can interfere with the radar. 

One thing I do want to mention is that police radars are not that easy to detect. So, don’t expect to get the cheapest radar detector and it will work just fine. 

Police radars these days send out radio waves of a much smaller wavelength, which is harder to detect. The most primitive radar detectors can still detect, but they have to at a close range with each other.

I am talking about like just one or two meters sort of close range. Yes, you guessed it. What good does it do if you guys are that closed? Well, as I said, this article is only here to explain how a radar detector works. So, I am not going to touch on tips and tricks that fool the police speed radar (nor do I think I should).

Bottom line

That’s it, folks, that’s pretty much how a radar detector works. You might have noticed that I explained a little bit too much on how a radar works instead of the detector itself. 

But that’s because they are mainly related to the radio waves, so it is difficult to explain one without the other entirely. Also, I realized I did say it was a full explanation, but there are still many aspects not mentioned yet. 

If you are also interested to know more about related topics, please leave it in the comment section below. I will see what I can do to answer your questions. 

123Movies Website Features and Best Alternatives

Do you love streaming new movies, series or TV Shows? If yes, we are going to share with you a popular movie streaming website called 123Movies. Here you can stream and download all your favorite movies and series. We will also give you lots of proxy sites and alternative websites as the 123Movies website is currently offline. Here is an overview of the 123Movies website.

Why is the 123Movies Official Site Offline?

In March 2018, 123Movies also known as 123Movieshub and Go Movies shut down for good. Before that, 123Movies website had been branded as the world’s largest pirate website with close to 98 million users on its website. It was based in Vietnam, a country not strict in implementing Intellectual Property rights. MPAA started piling pressure on Vietnam to prosecute those behind the illegal movie streaming website. Ted Osius, who was the US ambassador to Vietnam, had a meeting with the Vietnamese information minister and coincidentally, the 123Movies website suffered a period of downtime and after a year, it shut down operations.

Brief Description

123Movies website is quite popular because it contains tons of interesting movies, series and TV shows. From Hollywood premieres to blockbuster movies and the video resolution quality is great. If you are looking for movies still in the cinema, you can find them on the 123Movies website, though most movies still in the cinema come in the CAMRIP Video quality which is of low-resolution quality.

Best Features

  • The interface is easy to use since you can find the movie or series you like based on its genre and year of release.
  • If you like watching top rated movies by IMDb, you’ll be happy to know that 123Movies has a separate page for you to find those movies from the IMDB website.
  • Lots of advanced search filters on the 123Movies website which shorten your search time.
  • Lots of newly released movies, TV Shows and series for you to stream on the 123Movies website.
  • There are more than one streaming servers on each movie or series landing page. You can stream and watch movies from multiple links.
  • Lightning-fast streaming speeds, it’s because of the multiple links and if you have a stable connection, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming.
  • Most streaming websites require you to sign up or provide the details of your credit card. You don’t need to sign up to access series and movies on the 123Movies website. Also, you don’t need a credit card either; this feature makes the 123Movies official site popular.
  • You can stream Movies on your Android phone using the 123Movies app.

Copyright Issues

One of the main reasons why the site is offline is because they had copyright issues, as you know Hollywood spreads its tentacles far and wide and it has friends in government. The 123Movies website is taken down or blocked because newly released movies in the cinemas are always available on the 123Movies official site even before it premiered. That’s why most users in many countries don’t have access to this streaming website. To bypass these strict regulations, 123Movies website uses proxy sites to stay in service and shield the 123Movies official site.

123Movies Proxy Sites

If a website is blocked in your country, it means you can’t load the website’s contents. There are only two solutions; you either use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy website. Proxy websites are effective in shielding a site being taken down, they also allow you to access the 123Movies database without logging in. Here are some of the Proxy sites;

These proxy sites give you the same experience as when accessing the 123Movies official site and they can be accessed using the 123Movies app.

Legality and safety issues

We’ve never seen any legal action taken to a person who watches pirated series, TV Shows or movies in a website. It’s safe to use the 123Movies website or any of its proxy sites. Another issue is the ads, since 123Movies website is for free, the only way they generate income is from those ads. Beware of the links to the ads as some of them could be malicious. Safety when accessing the 123Movies website and app depends on your access.

Best Alternatives to 123Movies

You can use these alternative websites when the 123Movies official site is down or disabled in your country.

1. Sony Crackle

It is owned by Sony and has millions of users on its platform. To gain access, you have to register or sign up on the site. The movies are in HD quality and you can stream at high speeds. The only problem is the ads, they keep popping up and you have to watch them before you continue streaming.

Best Features

  • You’ll find plenty of Anime content on the site
  • The movies are sorted based on their genre
  • It has a filter which arranges the content according to their alphabetical order

2. Yes! Movies

This site is known for its extremely fast streaming speeds and you can edit the video quality on your device. All movies come with English subtitles, so whichever country you are in, the language is always translated. The only setback is the ads, they are too much and always disrupt the streaming process.

Best Features

  • The movie list is always updated daily
  • Similar movies suggestions is a great feature on this platform
  • All movies are available in HD Quality

3. PopcornFlix

It comes with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require you to sign up or register to log in the site. PopcornFlix has no ads, which makes it unique from the other sites. One point to note is that this site is disabled in several countries.

Best Features

  • Completely ad-free
  • The movie list is updated daily
  • Content is filtered according to its genre
  • They have a mobile app for IOS and Android devices

4. Vumoo

This site bears lots of resemblance to the 123Movies official site and its content database includes newly released TV shows and movies. They are available in HD quality, with a user-friendly interface.

Best Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • You can easily switch between TV Shows and movies
  • HD quality streaming


It is still unclear whether 123Movies website will stage a comeback anytime soon, and if the current enthusiasm about protecting the Intellectual Property rights in Vietnam is anything to go by, then there is little hope. The good news is that you can access the 123Movies official site via proxy sites and also the best alternatives we’ve listed for you. Happy streaming.

How Many Pints in a Gallon

Do you want to know how many pints in a gallon? Being aware of the different conversion units, you will be able to help yourself be stay on the right track when the time comes you needed to convert pint into gallon or vice versa.

After all, you don’t just study metric units in school and end it there. Your knowledge in proper measurements is a lifelong skill that you can use in your daily life and to solve simple to complex situations.

What you need to know about how many pints in a gallon

To answer the simple question on how many pints you can derive from one gallon, the answer is eight (8) pints. Yes, there are eight of them in one gallon.

Three types of gallon are being used today. One is the US liquid gallon or 3.78 liters, magnificent gallon or 4.54 liters and U.S. dry gallon or about 4.4 liters.

On the other hand, regarding pints, there are three main meanings of ½ quart, the US fluid 16 oz., high 16 oz. and the US dry 16 oz.

After knowing the number of pints in a gallon, you might want to know what a gallon and pint is.

But if in any case you need to convert gallons to pints, you will not have any problem because you just need to remember that eight pints are in a gallon. So again, it goes like,

  • 8 US fluid pints = 1 US fluid gallon
  • 8 magnificent pints = 1 majestic gallon
  • 8 US dry pints = 1 US dry gallon

Gallon refers to a US Customary estimation framework unit of volume. In this light, one US liquid gallon is equivalent to 128 US fluid ounces, for instance. On the other hand, a pint is another unit of volume.

For example, there is one US ½ quart in 473.17 ml. Its abbreviation is pt. Pint is also equivalent to ¹/₂ quart.

It is a countable noun that also refers to a measurement unit for liquids. A pint, in Britain, is equivalent to 1/8 imperial gallon or 568 cubic centimeters.

On the other hand, it is one eighth of a US gallon or 473 cubic centimeters.

In a sentence,

  • I would like another pint of ice cream.
  • The ice cream is available in pints.
  • Nevertheless, that is how easy it is to distinguish the differences between pints and gallons. But if ever you are becoming confused, you just need to remember that there are eight pints in one gallon.

    How to convert from gallons to pints

    Now that you know how many pints there are in one gallon, you can easily convert gallons to pints, too. You just need to double the number of gallons x by eight for the US liquid gallon.

    • 8 US Fluid Pints = 1 US Fluid Gallon
    • 8 Imperial Pints = 1 Imperial Gallon
    • 8 US Dry Pints = One US Dry Gallon

    For Imperial and US Gallons

    • 8 pt. = 1 lady
    • 1 pt. = 1/8 lady
    • 2 pt. = 1/4 lady
    • 4 pt. = 1/2 lady
    • 16 pt. = 2 lady
    • 12 pt. = 3/2 pt.
    • 20 pt. = 5/2 lady

    Refer to this list whenever you’re thinking on the conversion of pints into gallons or vice versa. It is not at all hard to memorize because there will always be 8 pt. in one gallon.

    Benefits of measurement standards

    Just like learning how to measure pints in a gallon, knowing how to measure can offer plenty of benefits. For one, it is a fundamental concept in science that gives people the ability to measure.

    Without standards in measurement, it would be hard to form theories or conduct experiments.

    But aside from being essential in the chemical industry and science, it is also needed for different industries like construction, engineering, farming, commerce and manufacturing. Measurements are also essential for different activities and occupations.

    If you’re into baking, you should also know proper conversions and quantities to avoid any errors in the measurements in the ingredients like a pint of milk, a gallon of water, and so on.

    Knowing the number of pints in a gallon, you will be able to make accurate measurements. In this case, you can come up with the correct recipe for the best results.

    If you’re a chemist, on the other hand, you also need to learn about this conversion to avoid any error in measuring chemicals, for example. Otherwise, there can be irreversible mistakes in terms of mixing chemicals, which can be costly or dangerous to one’s health.

    Final Thoughts

    With knowledge on the number of pints in a gallon, you’ll make precise measurements that prove beneficial no matter your industry – food, chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering and construction, to name some. Learn how to convert measurements and stay on the right track today!

    Funny, Clever, Good & Cool Instagram Good Usernames Ideas

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms whether for individual or business use. And today, it has more subscribers than ever, reaching more than one billion monthly active users.

    So if you want your profile to stand out, reach more people, increase photo shares and likes, and increase your followers, think of great funny usernames. If you cannot come up with one, though, you can keep reading for help.

    How to have a unique Instagram username

    Setting up an account or picking just about any username is not enough if your goal is to stand out and gain more followers/fans in the platform. One of the challenges to do achieve that is to think about interesting usernames.

    These usernames will help you gain the attention of other followers. However, it can be hard to think of if you don’t have an idea on how to do it.

    According to experts, you should be using special characters that will modify and make the IG name more interesting. But then, there are also some people that make use of a complex, out of this world username.

    However, it may not be the most effective route to take, but a simple username. Think of a simple username with a good length, not a too long one. Or, it might be ignored by other users.

    Thus, in order to think of an interesting IG name, you should consider the length in addition to its simplicity. Following these tips, you can come up with a good IG username.

    How to think of that perfect username

    Just like coming up with interesting usernames to draw in attention, it’s also nice to remember that you have to come up with the perfect username. After all, it is forever the username you’ll be using.

    To come up with the perfect username, use your imagination and creativity. It is that the more you can think of plenty of usernames, the more chances to come up with the unique IG username.

    Still, the final say is yours even if there are numerous websites offering different name generators. The secret is to come up with a name that is unique to your personality, too.

    How software name generators help make unique usernames

    In addition to creativity, you could also use some help from name generators like SpinXO and Lingojam. They require no installation and can generate instant results. Tumblr Name Generator can also be a good choice.

    Instagram this year and beyond

    The popularity of the photo-sharing and social media website is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that its subscribers will keep soaring in the coming days. Its developers are coming up with more ways to make the site more fun and exciting to use.

    Definitely, there is more to look forward to one of the most popular social media sites in the world that is Instagram. Now, if you want to be one of the most followed users on the site, you can first think of a clever username that makes your profile interesting and easy to remember.

    Here are some extra awesome and clever usernames, funny usernames and cool usernames

    Frequently asked questions

    How to gain more Instagram followers

    You will be more attractive for more users if you would use hashtags in your posts and photos. The reason is that they’ll be more searchable and attractive for more followers.

    These hashtags can also help you become more popular on the platform. Another tip is to be genuine, with less photo editing, to reveal the real you.

    Avoid over-editing and using too many filters. You should also use clear, bright and vivid, well-taken photos to increase followers.

    Why is Instagram famous?

    Instagram is famous for its photo-sharing theme. Certain surveys had it that photos encourage new conversations and attract more interest. Photos can also generate plenty of views in a short amount of time.

    How to receive more likes and follows

    Increasing engagement on social media can be possible by following the tips we’ve shared above plus being consistent in keeping your page updated and with new content. You will also be able to increase your likes and follows by doing the same for other people. Show interest in other profiles, too, by expressing interest in their photos and posts as well.


    Standing out from the crowd and making a name on the website, you should come up with one of the cool usernames that you can use.

    Having a unique username, not only on IG but also on other social sites you can think of, will make you memorable, worth-following for many, and of course – very popular. That is provided you have valuable and great content.

    Using one of the usernames we’ve shared above, you can generate a cool, funky, unique, funny or beautiful username that everyone will remember. Think of a cool and funny username today!