How a Whole House Water Filter is Good for the Environment

Okay, the primary reason you’d want to invest in a whole house water filter system is to ensure that your family enjoys clean, safe water at every dispensing point from your kitchen’s faucet to the bathroom tap. But that’s not the only benefit of having a reliable filtration system. It turns out; water filters are good for the environment too. Here’s how;

You Don’t Have to Spend Money on Bottled Water

Did you know that Americans use up to 8.76 billion gallons of bottled water every year? Even more intriguing is the fact that private labels of bottled water in the U.S generate about 2.52 billion dollars in sales annually. In simple terms, installing a filtration system in your home means you’ll save more on the money you spend on bottled water.

Of course, less bottled water implies fewer bottles in your home and the environment in general. And this is a big deal. Think about this way. The world uses more than 100 million bottles of water every day. Up to 1500 bottles end up as waste in landfills or get thrown into the ocean every second. Now, that’s a lot of garbage, isn’t it?

It Helps Preserve Energy Sources

Fact – plastic water bottles are petroleum based. And, in the United States alone, it takes more than 1.5 million barrels of oil to meet the production demands. Moreover, moving the bottles from point A to B requires energy. So is keeping is the bottles cold.

Given the fact that more than 100 million water bottles get produced everyday world over, then you can imagine the amount of energy required. More specifically, the National Geographic says that you’ll need a mind-boggling 24 million gallons of oil to produce 1 billion plastic bottles. To put this into a better perspective, you’ll need to fill ¼ of a plastic bottle with oil to produce 1 bottle.

Sure, you may want to argue that plastic water bottles are recyclable, but even then, the process requires oil/petroleum.

It Helps Optimize your Appliances Performance

One of the gripes that come with using hard water is that it damages and triggers corrosion in your pipes and appliances such as tankless water heaters. However, if your filtration system comes with a descaler and softener, it can help reduce deposits in your pipes, shower heads, and water heater. In fact, purifying the water that passes through your home pipes increases the efficiency of your appliances by up to 30%. Put differently; you’ll get more out of your appliances while using less energy.

Other than that, pure water has no damaging effects on the environments. On top of that, by filtering your water, you’re neither wasting salt (a natural resource) nor adding it into your water. And as if that’s not enough, you can always use the purified water on your lawn or flower garden.

You’ll Get Rid of Harmful Toxins

As stated earlier on, the number one reason you’re better off using filtered water is that it doesn’t contain any toxins that would prove harmful to you and the environment. You can, for instance, rear special fish in your aquarium with purified water in comparison to salty, toxics-laden water. In simple terms, purified water allows you to experiment with various projects without the risk of hurting the environment.

..So, What Exactly Does a Whole House Water Filter Get Rid Of?

For starters, the best whole house water filter should purify your water in stages. At the very least, it has to get rid of sediments. That way, the water flowing into your pipes will leave fewer deposits. By extension, this means that a filter helps get rid of bacteria, viruses and other parasites. Also, it gets rid of heavy metals passing through your water supply system.

The second filtration stage involves removing copper and mineral stones to reduce chlorine breaks. This phase also helps prevent growth and spread of algae alongside other dangerous microorganisms.

In Conclusion

Installing a whole house water filter could very well be your first step to stopping your dependency on bottled water. It is a good for the environment and your pocket too. Plus, you’ll be at ease knowing that the drinking, cooking and bathing water in your home is safe and clean with zero contaminants. Indeed, a good filtration system will help you make your contribution toward making the environment cleaner and tolerable for all living things, humans and animals alike.

The only thing that you need to do is to ensure that you spend your money on a reliable whole house water filtration system with enough capacity to handle your household’s day to day needs. On that not be sure to read our best whole house water filters reviews to view a collection of the most sought-after units on the market.

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