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Yoga Burn Review – 12 Week Yoga Burn Challenge

Having a hectic schedule not to mention the kind of lifestyle that I got used to on a day to day basis has made my body feels weak and gain weight. I have tried hitting the gym a couple of times but I just struggle knowing that I have to go there just to exercise.

It was at that time when one of my friends suggested that I should try yoga. I have been hearing so many things about yoga and I even did a few research of my own. I tried it on my own and even attended a few classes. But with the kind of work I have that demands most of my time, I want more flexibility in my workout without compromising the quality of the workout.

As I was searching some useful information about Yoga, I came across the 12 Week Yoga Burn Challenge Program. At first, I was just curious as to what this product has to offer and so I have decided to finally gave it a try. After all, what is there to lose.

Glad that I went for it because it is definitely a good choice.

So, what is the 12 Week Yoga Burn Challenge?

The Yoga Burn Challenge is a 12 week program that is created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. A popular yoga practitioner and instructor herself, she has been teaching for years. The program is specifically designed to help women lose weight. By watching the videos, the aim is to teach yoga poses and eventually increase the body’s metabolism. As the body starts burning fat, body toning also follows.

It is not like your any other yoga program as it makes use of what you call “dynamic sequencing”. I tried doing yoga by myself by just looking online but I notice that most of these sites if not all do not really teach you the right way to do with.

With dynamic sequence, the program teaches you how to the right movement and once the body gets used to it and able to adapt to the routine, they level up the challenge which is a good thing as your body gets the full benefits of yoga.

As the body goes through this dynamic sequencing, you can easily see noticeable changes. I started to feel better. Unlike before when I would always feel lethargic, now I feel energetic and vibrant. I have started losing weight and I could see positive changes even in my body.

The yoga program is very easy to use. It has a series of videos that I can watch for 45 minutes.

There are two options to choose from which include:

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge: Digital Plus Physical

Priced at $37 plus handling fee, it provides digital download and physical collections. The package also includes instant access to the Yoga Burn Body Challenge and get to have the physical collection.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge: Digital Plus Physical X2

Slightly a bit more expensive that the previous option is the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge X2. It is priced at $57 plus shipping and handling. Get to download the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge and receive 2 physical collection.

Yoga Burn Review: What Are the Benefits?

Let’s get down to what really matters, what are the benefits of Yoga Burn? Yoga itself is widely known to be an effective means to improve not just your physical strength but your over-all being and health. The major changes I have noticed after finishing the whole 3 phases of this yoga burn program are:

  • Weight Loss: This is a good way to lose weight as it is natural and also effective.
  • Increases flexibility: One of the things I notice is that my body has become more flexible.
  • Boosts energy: Feeling so tired with all the things that you have to do all throughout the day? This program boosts energy levels and it also improves blood flow.
  • Improve muscle tone and strength

Yoga Burn Review: Phases of the Workout

The program is divided into 3 different paces period each particular yoga burn piece is for good on further improving your foundation and ensuring that you get the correct posters and techniques.

Phase 1: Traditional Flow

Before you even start doing the poses, one of the very first things that you need to do if you set the foundation. This basically the focus of phase one which is also called as the foundation flow period. The aim is for you to have a stronger foundation that you can use in order to further improve your Yoga practice period and in this first phase,you will get to have a 4-week program where you can learn the very basics of a good Yoga practice.

In addition to the foundation of learning yoga, you are introduced and guised to have mental and body connection.

This is a very powerful way to connect to your body in preparation of more challenges. For me, I think this is really a good start. Even though this is not my very first attempt to yoga, I know how important it is to perfect your form before you even attempt to work on harder or more challenging poses. The first phase of the program is designed to help newbies understand the very foundation of yoga and prepare them for it.

For the first phase, it took me a while to adjust and feel comfortable. But surprised me is the fact that even after just 4 weeks, I have seen some changes. My muscles were sore after the workout and this is a sign that the workout is in effect.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow

Once you have finally learnt the basics, The next step is for you to correct your form by having more advanced techniques. In this particular phase, it aims to increase calorie burn and metabolism. Compare to the first phase of the program, the level of difficulty has increased. The workout is definitely much more intense which is quite good as this help in achieving better results.

It is in this phase where you build muscles and lose weight. Not only that, you can see that the workout is also aiming to get your body toned. The videos in Phase 2 focuses on large muscle groups like your core, lower body and upper body. Phase 2 does not only focus on form as it helps you with transition, helping you learn more.

After finishing week 4 and at the onset od week 5, I feel good and it is not just physically but also mentally. I can focus on my movements and it is easier for me to focus and meditate.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow

From the name itself, the last phase is the culmination what you have learned and acquired in phase 1 and 2. The skills that you have learned in the previous phases are tested in the sense that the workout is much more intense.

Phase 3 did wonders for my metabolism. As it focus on doing movements for both the upper and lower body, I can feel that I am getting a really intense workout that targets my core, arms and hips. Since I have always wanted to lose weight, seeing the changes in phase 3 is good. Not only that, I feel more energetic.

Yoga Burn Review:Are There Bonuses?

The nice thing about the Yoga Burn 12 Week Program is that it has a lot of bonus videos for every 3 phases. With these videos, it is easier to do yoga in addition to the regular workouts.

Yoga Burn Phase 1 Bonus: Tranquility Flow

In the first phase of the program, you will find an amazing bonus that complements not just the first phase of the program but also the other pieces as well. The workout video works restorative yoga and it runs for 15 minutes. Witness video workout karma you can feel your body is relaxed and get to maintain that correct posture in order to do the routines effectively and sit better period as you continue with the process, you will notice that your muscles are more relaxed.

Bonus #2: Beginner Flow

Same with the previous video, the beginner flow lasts about 15 minutes.This video is done best when combined with the routines and postures that you have seen in the second phase. The poses that you can find in this particular video are not that difficult. It is actually basic and even if you are not that advanced when it comes to Yoga practice and techniques, you will not have any difficulty following because they are easy to follow. In terms of pacing, it is slow.

Bonus#3: Pose Tutorials

The third bonus is more suitable for beginners. And this particular video gives you a comprehensive tutorial of the different poses to be specific there are 21 pulses period where you get to have step-by-step videos and instructions as to how you can further improve your technique and correct your form.


  • Can effectively reduce weight
  • You can have better sleep because of improved blood circulation
  • Get stronger muscles and improves flexibility
  • Enhances performance and tones the body
  • Reduce stress
  • No need for any equipment


  • The videos are a bit too long considering the details and instructions put into them.
  • Users have to follow a schedule to get the desired results.
  • This program may not be the best choices if you are highly advanced yoga practitioner.

What to Know Before You Buy

Every person has their respective preferences when it comes to workout and their ways on how to achieve their health goals. First is that commitment is very essential. In as much as many would attest for the effectiveness of the Yoga Burn Program at the end of the day, you need to put in work. You have to invest time. You need to have self-discipline and follow the program in order for you to get the results you want.

While doing the poses, you should also be mindful of your movement. To prevent any injury, it is strongly recommended that you do not try to experiment on your movement and just follow exactly what the instructions are.

In terms of results, it varies from one person to another. The program might tame some time. It is also crucial that you do not just rely mainly in finishing the 12 week program. You have to back it up with good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. By adopting healthy habits and combed with this Yoga Burn challenge, you can definitely achieve the best results.

Purchase Options

If you have finally decided to get one, you can easily choose among the different options available. First is you can have the digital version that you can just download directly and access on any device. Another option is to have the physical collection of DVDs.

Final Thoughts

For the quality and clarity of instructions along with insider tips and information that you can get from Yoga Burn 12 Program, this is definitely worth it. Of course, there are still so many things that needs to be done aside from just purchasing the videos. I would not have gotten the good results without any commitment. Just assessing the product for that it is made for, this is a must try. Very easy to learn and to follow, not to mention that the poses are done with accuracy and clear instructions so everyone can easily do the proper postures.

But the most important part is the amazing results evident after a few weeks of doing yoga using this program! My final take on this yoga burn review? If you are looking for a great yoga workout video, this is a must try.