Best Rated Kitchen Sinks 2018

In this article, we’ll help you find the best kitchen sink 2018. We’re talking about sinks that’ll give your kitchen a streamlined look and serve you for years, even with everyday use. And, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a double, single or farmhouse sink, our collection has got you covered. We’ll tell you what makes each sink unique, the type of kitchen it suits and most importantly, why you should spend your money on it. Plus, we’ve consulted with experts from plumbers to remodelers and interior designers so you can bet that these picks are as practical as it gets.

What’s more? We’ll tell you what it takes to figure out a kitchen sink that’ll work for you in our detailed, step by step buyers guide at the end of this write-up. Oh and, there’s an overview of kitchen sink styles too. With that out of the way, let’s get started with our kitchen sink reviews.

1. Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch Dual Mount 50/50 Double Bowl Black Onyx Granite

Give your kitchen an instant upgrade with the KGD-433B 33 sink by the celebrated Kraus brand. Featuring 80% natural granite, this double bowl brings to the fore the look and feel of real stone. Indeed, it’ll make an excellent choice if you’re in for a contemporary sink that’ll look beautiful in a variety of settings.


Extra Deep Basins

If you do a lot of cleaning in your kitchen, then you’ll love this sink’s 9.5-inch depth to accommodate large dishes with relative ease. Think of it as the sink that’ll bring the versatility you need in your kitchen for a variety of tasks. Meanwhile, the rounded edges make cleaning and maintaining the sink super easy.

First-Class Quality

With thermal finish protection and non-porous construction, this sink is not only durable but also resistant to common hazards in the kitchen including scratches, chemicals, heat, discoloration, and chipping. It is naturally sound absorbing too – no more clacking when cleaning dishes!

50/50 Design

The Kraus KGD-433B thrives in its very design. The split basin offers the flexibility you need to clean everything from glass to plates, large pots and anything in between. Besides, the unique design allows you to choose between top-mount or under-mount installation for a smooth, clean look. And, just so you may know, every package comes with a complimentary towel strainer drain and all the tools you need to install it.

  • Durability you can count on
  • Stylish, self-rimming basin
  • Multiple installation choices
  • The feel may not be as smooth as ceramic
2. Ruvati RVM4250 Undermount 16 Gauge 30″ Kitchen Single Bowl Sink

The Ruvati RVM4250 is a brilliant under mount sink if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to sacrifice quality. A single bowl sink, it sports a classic, stainless steel body that will complement any kitchen. Highly rated, this unit has got homeowners talking – for all the right reasons, of course. We tell you all about it, next.


One, this sink measures 18.1 x 30 x 9 inches. Now, that’s a bowl large enough to handle all your cleaning needs. Two, it is deep, complete with rounded corners for a beautiful, streamlined look that will be the centerpiece of your kitchen’s countertop.

Dual Mount Installation

The RVM4250 has a brushed rim and finish. What this means is that it can match the inside of your skin. That way, you can you can opt for under mount or flush mount installation depending on your preference and dimension of your kitchen.

Heavy-duty Sound Guard

Just like the Kraus (number 1 above) the RVM4250 bowl is sound absorbing thanks to adequate padding and undercoating. As a bonus, this sink is relatively heavy (weighs about 30 pounds) so it’ll stick into place firmly during installation. In the meantime, the 3.5 inches drain opening is big enough to fit into any disposal unit.

  • Trendy, sating finish
  • Well built
  • Affordable
  • Good water drain out
  • Deep enough for pots and pans
  • Sink grid holds water in the rubber feet (may cause corrosion with time)
3. Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Undermount Granite

The Blanco 440215 replaces an earlier porcelain version, and you can tell that a lot of thought went into designing. It has two basins with a 60/40 split, enabling you to assign each space in this modern-styled sink to a different cleaning task. And that’s not the only reason we vouch for it.


Super Sturdy Build

The Blanco 440215 doesn’t fall short when it comes to giving you years upon years of service. It boasts 80% of solid granite, silgranite material whose touch feels like real natural stone. Put differently; this thing is both long lasting and awesomely beautiful, perfect combinations of any sink worth your money.

Flat Deck

Fitting the Blanco into place, fast, shouldn’t be a problem. It comes with a flat desk that not only makes setting up easy but also allows you to choose between under mount and drop in installation. Even then, it is essential to mention that your outside cabinet has to be 33 inches for the sink to fit perfectly.

Uniquely Resilient

The 44021, due to its heavy-duty is one of the most resilient kitchen sinks you can find. It can withstand hot and cold fluctuation which makes it great for using a multi-spray faucet. It won’t break your dinnerware and has rounded grooves to drain water quickly while giving your kitchen a touch of elegance at the same time. And for those asking, it measures 6 x 6 x 6 inches with sink depths of 9½ and 8 inches.

  • Beautiful, large and deep
  • Competitively priced
  • Extremely durable
  • It’s not the easiest sink to clean
4. Comllen 304 Stainless Steel 33 Inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Sure, you’ve invested in best kitchen faucet you can afford; now it’s time to match it with this great farmhouse sink by Comllen. A perfect fit for remodelers, this piece is easy to clean, very durable and will win you compliments from guests who by your kitchen. We take a closer look.


304 Stainless Steel

When we say that this sink is durable, we mean it in every sense of the word. It flaunts a premium 304 stainless steel bowl that’s remarkably hard wearing. More specifically, the steel is 1.5 mm thick. Other than that, the bowl is scratch resistant, and it only takes a couple of wipes with a clean towel to keep it looking as good as new.

Versatile Drain Opening

One of the most important consideration to make when buying a kitchen sink (more on that later) is a big drain that can fit in as many garbage disposal systems as possible (think versatility). This one features a 3½ drain opening that you can use with virtually any garbage disposal system out there.

Thick Dampening Pads

The Comllen offers excellent sound insulation, aided by a stone guard undercoating. We love the rounded corners for contemporary styling and effortless cleaning. It’ll also catch your attention to know that this sink comes with an antibacterial bamboo cutting board. Oh, and it is 16 inches deep with the basin measuring 31* 16 ¾ inches. Also, it supports under mount apron installation.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Premium satin finish
  • Stylish and functional
  • Well made
  • Not ideal for small kitchens
5. Kraus KHU103-33 33 inch Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl 16 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

With a promise to be the most “hardworking” appliance in your kitchen, the Kraus KHU103-33 is a top-notch double bowl sink that has everything to handles the toughest of messes while remaining as beautiful as ever. Here’s what makes it tick.


Dent Resistant Build

The Kraus KHU103-33 comes with heavy duty, 16 gauge T 304 stainless steel. Essentially, this translates to a stronger sink that’s completely dent resistant. Think of as a sink that’ll give months of reliable use over and again with minimal maintenance required.

Deep and Spacious

Each bowl has a depth of 10 inches with a cabinet size of 36 inches. Of course, with the extra deep basins comes the convenience of using your largest cookware with relative ease from skillets to stockpots and baking sheets. It also reduces splashing, making this sink a brilliant choice for a busy kitchen.

Exclusive NoiseDefend Soundproofing Technology

The KHU103-33 not only absorbs vibration but also generates less noise when in use. It comes with an extra thick rubber sound dampening cover that spreads 80% of the sink’s base. And then there are the innovative channel grooves that prevent water gathering at the bottom of your sink for optimal drainage.

To cut to the chase, this sink combines remarkable quality and dependability. It combines brand-exclusive technology and first-class materials as well as best-industry components to make sure that you get value for every dime you spend.

  • Super quiet sink
  • Easy to clean satin finish
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Water resistant finish
  • Stylish sheen that’ll complement your kitchen’s appliances
  • Two baskets
  • Not available in brushed finish
6. Blanco BL440192 Diamond Super Single Bowl, Cafe Brown

Blanco wasn’t cocky when they named this a “super single bowl.” Ideal for a small kitchen or anyone doing a remodel, this is a good pick if you’re in for a sink that isn’t white or stainless. Oh, and it’s also one of the most affordable single bowls sinks on this list. We dissect right through it.


Beautiful Design

The Blanco BL440192 is as attractive as they come. It sports a cafe brown finish that’ll easily blend in with any kitchen interior décor, contemporary or traditional. It’ll give your kitchen a serious upgrade with its striking goods looks without shrinking your wallet.

Reasonable Sizing

While this is single bowl sink, it’s large enough to handle the day to day needs of your kitchen. More specifically, the bowl has a depth of 9 ½ inches and requires a 36-inch outside cabinet to fit in. For those asking, yes, you can under or top mount this sink. It comes with six punch holes, four inches apart.

Build to Last

Never mind that this isn’t your typical 16 gauge stainless steel sink. It boasts granite material that’ll last you for years. In fact, some users attest to having this sink for five years and counting. And if you’ve got any doubts about it, then it’ll catch your attention to know that Blanco has attached a limited lifetime warranty to this sink, an indication that the company trusts in the quality of their product and aren’t afraid to stand by it.

  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Double mounting options
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Surface not water resistant
7. Adams Farmhouse Apron Front Handmade Copper Kitchen Sink 33 in.

Yeah right. This farmhouse sink touts genuine hammered copper bowl. How nice! And, it won’t change color as long as you don’t let your dishes overstay in it. Whichever way you look at it, this a rustic gem that’ll indeed become a centerpiece of your kitchen. And that’s not even the best part.


Handmade Bottom Grids

Did you know bottom grids are an integral part of any copper sink? Well, this one comes with custom-made grids to keep dishes and food off your sink. In essence, this makes rinsing debris easy. It also means that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep this sink in a good working condition.

Hand finished Drains

The Adams is all about customized construction. The hand-finished drains are beautiful as long as you pair them with a disposal flange or stopper drain model (sold separately). Other than that, the bowl has a changeable patina not to mention that you can mount this sink over or under a granite countertop.

Sidekick Sponge Assistant

Each package comes with a sidekick sponge assistant to hold your dish pad, towel and scouring pad. The idea behind this function is to make it easy for you to find convenient storage space for your dishwashing accessories far from your sink’s bottom and countertop. And just so you may know the Adams bowl measures 30*19 inches and is 9 inches deep.

  • Functional and flexible design
  • Clear cut installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large bowl
  • Unique 16 gauge copper construction
  • You may need to invest in some copper cleaner
8. Latoscana 33″ Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink LFS3318W

Super thick, fire resistant fireclay is without a doubt one of the most rugged sink materials you can get, but the Latoscana milky shine looks simply incredible in almost every other kitchen. A high-end model, this sink is a great choice if you have the cash to spend in return for unrivaled quality and performance. Here’s an overview;

Reversible Design

What this means is that you can choose between flute side or flat side during installation. It also implies you can dictate the final look and how it makes your kitchen look different. Plus, it has a stunning finish on all sides, allowing you to opt for raise or underside mount.

Extra Large Basin

The Latoscana’s bowl is 33 inches wide. In fact, it is a little bit wider in comparison to most sinks on the market. That way, not only does it offer a more prominent look but also enough space for cleaning your dishes and filling pots. Besides, it has a standard 3 ½ draining opening that can work with both standard and basket strainers and waste disposal units.

Long Lasting Performance

The Latoscana is one of the most durable farmhouse sinks you can lay your hands on. The fireclay apron construction promises to outlast your needs giving more value for your money. And while think isn’t the cheapest on this roundup, the stellar quality indeed justifies the hefty price tag. As for the dimensions, it measures 33 x 18 x 10 inches.

  • Drain centered design
  • Deep bowl
  • Elegant Italian craftsmanship
  • Multiple installation options
  • Relatively heavy (115 pounds)
  • Expensive
9. KOHLER K-5826-0 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Under-Mount Single-Bowl Sink with Short Apron

The Whitehaven by the renowned KOHLER will give your kitchen a quick and easy refresh. This apron-front sink flaunts self-trimming edges for a straightforward installation. All you need to do is to cut through your cabinet, and you’re good to go. And with the well-thought design, you can swap your current sink for this farmhouse model without the need to replace your existing cabinets.


More Workspace

To begin with, the Whitehaven is a single bowl sink. In essence, this means that it offers lots of room for your oversize pans and pots. Plus, if the double bowl is your preference, you can always opt for the model with a Smart Divide function, which is typically a low barrier that’ll separate your sink into two sections that can comfortably handle large pots.

Timeless Beauty

The Whitehaven comes with the exclusive KOHLER enamel cast iron for durability you can count on. Also, it has a classic design that brings forth the style your kitchen needs to remain attractive for years to come. Those who’ve used this sink say it doesn’t chip, burn or crack allowing to prep, clean and cook in a sink that’ll withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Sloping Build

One of the biggest complainants with sinks is the inability to drain water completely. Of course, dealing with stagnant water on your sink’s base isn’t fun. That, however, shouldn’t be a reason for concern with the Whitehaven. It comes with a basin that slopes two degrees toward the drain to prevent water pooling. The bowl has a depth of 9 inches, and the entire unit measures 37.8 x 25.4 x 12.4 inches.

  • Ideal for remodeling
  • Short apron for quick installation
  • Gives your kitchen a personalized look
  • Expensive
10. Franke DIG61091-MOC Primo 33″ Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl

Who said your kitchen has to be white or stainless steel? This unit by Franke is available in mocha, graphite and champagne tones that’ll put a personalized signature in your cooking place. Even more impressive is the fact it is one of the most inexpensive options on this least. Want to know what makes it special? Read on.


Sanitized Build

Sure, the kitchen sink should be easy to clean, but this one takes it a notch higher. It comes with an integrated protective barrier that keeps bacteria at bay, even between cleaning cycles. That way, you can rest assured of zero contamination whether you’re using the sink or not.

Scratch Resistant Body

Another common gripe with sinks, especially the ones that aren’t stainless steel is the inability to handle frequent use without chipping. Again, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern with this model. It is scratch, heat and stain resistant. In fact, it can handle up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, making it a great pick for industrial use.

A Host of Extras

Other notable highlights of the Franke include the large capacity bowl and multiple mount installation. And then there’s the single pre-drilled hole so you can fit your faucet in a chinch. Note – you can drill three additional holes if need be. To wrap it off, this measures 33 x 22 x 9 inches.

  • Unique antibacterial finish
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect for tough jobs
  • Needs frequent polishing to maintain the sparkle

Kitchen Sink Styles

Before you invest in any kitchen sink, it is essential to determine if it offers what you want regarding design and functionality. What follows is a rundown of the five most popular kitchen sink styles.

Single Bowl

These, just as the name suggests, feature a single basin. The bowl is typically wide to accommodate large pots and pans. Also, a single bowl sink is deeper in comparison to other styles. Most models are as wide as 33 inches. You can opt for this style if you have a busy kitchen with lots of large dishes and pots. Additionally, single bowl occupy less space, making them a brilliant choice if your kitchen is small or a secondary prep sink.

Double Bowl

A double bowl sink is the direct opposite of the single bowl. These feature two basins that allow you accomplish two tasks with one sink such as rinsing on one side and soaking on the other. Most models come with basins as wide as 48 inches. It is also worth noting that there double sinks with bowls of varying depth. In simple terms, one basin is deep while the other one is shallow or small.


Farmhouse or apron sinks if you like large, are single basin sinks with a unique front wall which serves as both the front of the sink as well as the front of your counter. These are great if you want your sink level to be the same as that one of your counter. Farmhouse sinks also go by the name country style or freestanding when fixed directly to the wall with no surrounding counters. Because of their generous size, farmhouse sinks allow you to use big baking pans and casserole.

Also, since there’s less space between the sink and the edge of your counter, you can move closer to the sink, thereby reducing fatigue. With such functionality, farmhouse sinks are a good pick if you have back pain.

Top Mount

These are the most common types of kitchen sinks. And, as the name suggests they install from above. More specifically, you’ll make a home in your countertop material and insert the sink from above. The rim will carry the entire sink’s weight. You’ll then caulk the rim to your counter using silicone. And because the sink’s edge forms a rim, top mount sinks are sometimes referred to as self-rimming sinks. One of the primary advantages of this sink style is that it’s relatively easy to install, making them a great choice if you’re a DIY enthusiast.


An undermount sink is opposite of a top mount sink. It derives its name from the style of installation. More specifically, these sinks attach under your counter using special clips. The only thing that makes these sinks an attractive option is the ability to drain right into your disposal system. You can literally sweep crumbs into the sink using a sponge. Plus, undermount sinks don’t have a rim which makes cleaning a breeze. Again, these make a good choice if for a busy kitchen with lots of rinsing and cleaning going on every day.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

A good kitchen sink, irrespective of the style must have specific traits. Below is a detailed buying guide, highlighting the most important considerations you should make when shopping for a sink that’ll not only serve for long but also give value for your money.

The Size

Of course, you have to choose a sink that can fit into your kitchen. Other than that, the individual bowls must be large enough to meet your needs. You’re better off with a sink that offers adequate space for you to clean your dishes without occupying a lot of space. You also need to ensure that the sink you’re planning to buy can fit into your cabinets unless you’re doing a remodel. As you may have noticed already, we’ve included the size of each sink in our reviews so you can know how big the model is and most importantly if it’ll fit into your cabinet.

The Number of Bowls

The ideal should be able to handle the activities in your kitchen. If you do a lot of baking, for instance, you should go for a sink that has a large bowl, preferably a single bowl sink. Or, a double bowl model that’s big enough to allow you to soak your pans. The sinks in our roundup feature generous bowls that let you wash and soak your dishes comfortably. We recommend that you choose a double sink if you share responsibilities in your kitchen.

The Features

Some of the must-have functions of any kitchen worth your money include;

Steep, Straight Side Walls – While a deep sink will handle big pots and pans, a flat bottom makes the sink more usable not to mention that it allows you to stack your dishes and glasses safely.

Off-set Drains – Choose a sink that allows you to place a drain off the side to make the space below the bowl usable. Besides an offset drain make it easy for you get rid of the water even you’ve soaked the large pans and pots inside your sink.

Web/Divider – If you choose a double bowl sink, make sure that it comes with a web divider that’s low than the outside walls. This enables the water to flow from one bowl to another, thereby providing overflow protection.


A kitchen sink is as good as the materials used to make it. We break it down for you.

Stainless Steel – Most kitchen sinks are stainless steel, with various gauges. A high gauge means that the steel is thin and vice versa. Stainless steel sinks are generally lighter than any other type and relatively durable.

Copper – These sinks are durable and won’t rust. They’re a good pick if you want a unique finish. Plus, copper is naturally bacterial and virus repellent.

Fireclay – These are also durable and heat resistant. They don’t chip or scratch too. On top of that, fireclay sinks won’t discolor or fade and come in a collection of colors. And just like their copper counterparts, fireclay sinks are bacteria resistant.

Other materials include porcelain, acrylic, composite, granite and cast iron. The most important to keep in mind regarding materials is that they dictate the sink’s durability. We recommend that you go for the most durable sink within your price range.

Compatibility with Accessories

When you invest in the best kitchen faucet, it makes perfect sense to find an equally good sink. Most importantly, check to see if the sink can accommodate your faucet. Be sure to check the number holes to know how may accessories it can handle. Note that faucets, dispensers, and sprayers come with one to four holes specifications which must match with the number of holes in your sink. A one-hole faucet, for example, can work with a three-hole sink using a deck plate. A three-hole faucet, on the other hand, is not compatible with a one-hole sink.

In Conclusion

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our kitchen sink reviews as much as we did writing them. Most importantly we hope that we’ve helped you narrow down your options. In other words, we trust that you now know what to expect with all the models we’ve reviewed and can now purchase from the point of information.

Of course, we will keep our eyes on the market to see the trends and if other models will outperform the ones on this list. What we’re trying to tell you in simple terms is that we’ll keep revisiting this collection to make sure that it remains as current and helpful as possible. Other than that, we would like to hear your feedback on the sink you chose and how it worked for you. Be sure to shoot ask a question (if you have any), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For now, over to you!

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