123Movies Website Features and Best Alternatives

Do you love streaming new movies, series or TV Shows? If yes, we are going to share with you a popular movie streaming website called 123Movies. Here you can stream and download all your favorite movies and series. We will also give you lots of proxy sites and alternative websites as the 123Movies website is currently offline. Here is an overview of the 123Movies website.

Why is the 123Movies Official Site Offline?

In March 2018, 123Movies also known as 123Movieshub and Go Movies shut down for good. Before that, 123Movies website had been branded as the world’s largest pirate website with close to 98 million users on its website. It was based in Vietnam, a country not strict in implementing Intellectual Property rights. MPAA started piling pressure on Vietnam to prosecute those behind the illegal movie streaming website. Ted Osius, who was the US ambassador to Vietnam, had a meeting with the Vietnamese information minister and coincidentally, the 123Movies website suffered a period of downtime and after a year, it shut down operations.

Brief Description

123Movies website is quite popular because it contains tons of interesting movies, series and TV shows. From Hollywood premieres to blockbuster movies and the video resolution quality is great. If you are looking for movies still in the cinema, you can find them on the 123Movies website, though most movies still in the cinema come in the CAMRIP Video quality which is of low-resolution quality.

Best Features

  • The interface is easy to use since you can find the movie or series you like based on its genre and year of release.
  • If you like watching top rated movies by IMDb, you’ll be happy to know that 123Movies has a separate page for you to find those movies from the IMDB website.
  • Lots of advanced search filters on the 123Movies website which shorten your search time.
  • Lots of newly released movies, TV Shows and series for you to stream on the 123Movies website.
  • There are more than one streaming servers on each movie or series landing page. You can stream and watch movies from multiple links.
  • Lightning-fast streaming speeds, it’s because of the multiple links and if you have a stable connection, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming.
  • Most streaming websites require you to sign up or provide the details of your credit card. You don’t need to sign up to access series and movies on the 123Movies website. Also, you don’t need a credit card either; this feature makes the 123Movies official site popular.
  • You can stream Movies on your Android phone using the 123Movies app.

Copyright Issues

One of the main reasons why the site is offline is because they had copyright issues, as you know Hollywood spreads its tentacles far and wide and it has friends in government. The 123Movies website is taken down or blocked because newly released movies in the cinemas are always available on the 123Movies official site even before it premiered. That’s why most users in many countries don’t have access to this streaming website. To bypass these strict regulations, 123Movies website uses proxy sites to stay in service and shield the 123Movies official site.

123Movies Proxy Sites

If a website is blocked in your country, it means you can’t load the website’s contents. There are only two solutions; you either use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy website. Proxy websites are effective in shielding a site being taken down, they also allow you to access the 123Movies database without logging in. Here are some of the Proxy sites;


These proxy sites give you the same experience as when accessing the 123Movies official site and they can be accessed using the 123Movies app.

Legality and safety issues

We’ve never seen any legal action taken to a person who watches pirated series, TV Shows or movies in a website. It’s safe to use the 123Movies website or any of its proxy sites. Another issue is the ads, since 123Movies website is for free, the only way they generate income is from those ads. Beware of the links to the ads as some of them could be malicious. Safety when accessing the 123Movies website and app depends on your access.

Best Alternatives to 123Movies

You can use these alternative websites when the 123Movies official site is down or disabled in your country.

1. Sony Crackle

It is owned by Sony and has millions of users on its platform. To gain access, you have to register or sign up on the site. The movies are in HD quality and you can stream at high speeds. The only problem is the ads, they keep popping up and you have to watch them before you continue streaming.

Best Features

  • You’ll find plenty of Anime content on the site
  • The movies are sorted based on their genre
  • It has a filter which arranges the content according to their alphabetical order

2. Yes! Movies

This site is known for its extremely fast streaming speeds and you can edit the video quality on your device. All movies come with English subtitles, so whichever country you are in, the language is always translated. The only setback is the ads, they are too much and always disrupt the streaming process.

Best Features

  • The movie list is always updated daily
  • Similar movies suggestions is a great feature on this platform
  • All movies are available in HD Quality

3. PopcornFlix

It comes with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require you to sign up or register to log in the site. PopcornFlix has no ads, which makes it unique from the other sites. One point to note is that this site is disabled in several countries.

Best Features

  • Completely ad-free
  • The movie list is updated daily
  • Content is filtered according to its genre
  • They have a mobile app for IOS and Android devices

4. Vumoo

This site bears lots of resemblance to the 123Movies official site and its content database includes newly released TV shows and movies. They are available in HD quality, with a user-friendly interface.

Best Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • You can easily switch between TV Shows and movies
  • HD quality streaming


It is still unclear whether 123Movies website will stage a comeback anytime soon, and if the current enthusiasm about protecting the Intellectual Property rights in Vietnam is anything to go by, then there is little hope. The good news is that you can access the 123Movies official site via proxy sites and also the best alternatives we’ve listed for you. Happy streaming.

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